Cosas Que Leo #25: VOLODYA: SELECTED WORKS, Vladimir Mayakovsky

Volodya Mayakovsky





Will goad you with a bloody shred of heart


Slumped in thought

Soft in the head

Like a fat lackey on a greasy settee

And I’ll have my fill of bitterness


Not s single grey hair in my soul

No senile tenderness there!

My voice crashes through the universe

I walk -the handsome

Twenty-two year old.


Tenderhearted lovers

Whisper fiddle music

While the vulgar bang love on a drum

But you can turn yourselves inside out

And be like me, just a smacking pair of lips!


Come learn from me

Leave your stuffed drawing-rooms

Petty angelic bureaucrats


Quietly licking your leafy lips

Lime as cook looking through a cookery book.


If you want

I’ll rage on raw meat

And like the sky changing hue

If you want

I’ll be as tender as you please

Not a man but a cloud in trousers!


I don’t believe that blooming Nice exists!

Again I sing the praises of

Men as crumpled as hospital beds

Women used time after time like a rhyme.”



Volodya; Selected works

Edited and with an introduction by Rosy Carrick


Enitharmon Press, 2015 (poemas, lecturas y escritos 1912-1930)

311 págs.